Friday, May 20, 2011

New commenting policy from Facebook for pharma

Changes coming for Facebook pages like Gilead’s Voices in PAH (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Thanks to Wendy Blackburn from Intouch Solutions and Jonathan Richman of Dose of Digital blog for helpful posts on the new Facebook commenting policy and how it affects pharma pages.

Check out Wendy’s post for a shorter summary of key points and Jonathan’s for a more detailed account with screenshots. ClickZ also reports on the issue.

From Wendy, here’s the official statement (sent from Facebook via email to those affected, doesn’t look like FB put out a public announcement) -

Facebook will no longer allow admins of new pharma Pages to disable commenting on the content their Page shares with people on Facebook. Pages that currently have commenting disabled will no longer have this entitlement after August 15th. Subject to Facebook’s approval, branded Pages solely dedicated to a prescription drug may (continue to) have commenting functionality removed. 

Wendy also makes a good point, something we’ve also found in our consumer market research – “Facebook is not the be-all, end-all of social opportunities.” 

Will be curious to see how this pans out for current (and future?) pharma Facebook pages - who tries to work with the new changes and who decides to jump ship.

Posted by Maureen Malloy, Senior Healthcare Analyst